911 Addresses

Did you know Oswego County has a law called the “Oswego County E-911 Structure Enumeration Law”?

This law allows us to assist you better in an emergency.

Paragraph 4 titled “Display of Numbers” states:

a) The Enhanced 911 assigned number shall be conspicuously displayed upon the structure as follows:

i) The number shall be at least 3″ in height and shall be contrasting color to the color of the structure;

ii) The number shall be displayed in such a manner as to be readily visible from the adjacent public road or highway

b) In addition to the other requirements of Local Law, whenever any structure is more than 75′ feet from the public road, the number shall be placed on a post or mailbox readily visible from the road but no further than 25′

We are pleased to announce in an effort to assist our citizens better in an emergency. We are launching a 911 Address Sign Program. This programs helps us find you faster in an emergency. The signs are also compliant with the “Oswego County E-911 Enumeration Law”. The signs are $10 each to include installation. Once the form is received we will contact you to arrange delivery / installation.