1949 was a busy year; in January a certificate of incorporation was issued by the State of New York. Fifty charter members held a meeting to adopt a constitution and by-laws and to elect officers.

Ernest Richardson
Walter Jones
George Daly
Oscar Cronk
Joe Hammond
Edward Clark
Leroy Wise

In February seventy-four new members joined the corporation.

The following line offices were elected:

Conley Louis
Joseph O'Conner
Assistant Chief
Kenneth Jones
William McDermott
Assistant Engineer

As 1949 progressed land was purchased to house the fire barn at the past location at Scriba Corners (State Route 104 & Creamery Road) which is the present day Scriba Electric.

A new fire truck was purchased and a used truck with 1200 gallon tank acquired. Additional equipment was purchased including a siren. All of this cost the new department approximately $11,000. A new building was needed to mount the siren that was used to alert member of a call, members did not have pagers or radios like today. Plans were drawn up, studied, and work began and by the end of the year the fire barn was nearly completed. During this time sixty-two new members joined the corporation.

In November the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. Also Chief Louis presented a list of twenty-nine active firemen. During the year of 1949 the corporation transformed from a dream of a group of citizens to full fledged fire fighting outfit with equipment, fire barn, and auxiliary unit.

In the early fifties, the corporation continued to grow. Land was purchased for field day activities. Money was raised by selling bonds, holding raffles, bingo, dances, clambakes, dinners, scrap drives, and finally from donations. A pickup truck and an ambulance were donated to the department.

In 1955 the pickup and ambulance were traded in for a new jeep to be used as a grass truck.

In 1956, the Lycoming school house was purchased as a second station, a new tank truck and a used fire truck were bought for the station. The corporation continued to prosper and grow.

As the town increased in population and industries, the fire department had to grow with it to provide better fire protection. In 1962, a new fire pumper was bought replacing an older truck.

In 1969, a new fire pumper was purchased to replace another older truck.

In 1970, an emergency truck was obtained.

In 1971, a new addition to the fire barn was built to house additional equipment.

In 1973, the jeep truck was replaced with a new truck

In 1974, a new pumper was added to the fleet